White Gold Bass Guitar Pickups

BSNW White Gold Pickups have a unique style and distinct tone that are a perfect addition to any P-style bass guitar.

The White Gold pickups are actually two humbuckers set side by side to help produce a strong and solid tone. Each humbucker features dual blade ceramic magnets with gold accented poles, giving them an eye catching style unlike most other pickups.

The dual ceramic magnet blades create a vibrant, bright and glassy treble tone that forces its way to the front of the mix, although they are still capable of producing thunderous lows and tight mids.

BSNW White Gold pickups are specifically designed for players who are slapping or using a pick, and are not recommended for finger playing. That’s because the special ceramic blade design of each magnet was created to help accent each stroke of a pick or slap to produce a spectacular punch, with a shimmering tone that rings out longer and stronger than most other pickups.

The BSNW White Gold P-style bass pickup has a 19k output with the ability to provide a crisp top end and the dual blade design keeps notes fat and full. A perfect weapon to add to your arsenal!

PRICE: $149.00