Sonic Disrupter Wave
Mini Humbucking Pickups

The BSNW Sonic Disrupter Wave Miniature Humbucking Pickups are a versatile mini humbucker that produces superb mids, but are capable of producing powerful highs and thick lows. SDW pickups generate bright and crisp sounding tones when played in clean, and are crunchy and raw when played using distortion.

The SDW mini humbuckers feature ceramic magnets to help produce even tones, and are extremely overwound to generate massive output when compared to most mini humbuckers. Gibson Firebird mini humbuckers are typically wound around 5,000 times, and Epiphone are usually wound around 6,500 times. The bridge position BSNW SDW Mini Pickups are wound over 8,000 times, and the neck mini pickups are wound over 7,000 times using formvar wire.

The bridge pickup generates an output of 9,900 Ohms, and the neck pickup produces an output of 8,000k Ohms. The simple, quick and easy drop in design makes the BSNW Sonic Disrupter Wave Miniature Humbucking Pickups a great way to help upgrade your Firebird or any other favorite weapon in your arsenal!

PRICE: $99.00 Each