Chase Stain - "The April EP" CD

Phoenix Nightlife Magazine

June 2021

Written By: Elliot Frans

RATING: 2.3 Stars

You don’t need to feel bad if you have never heard of Chase Stain, because it has been over a decade since he released anything as a solo artist. Stain is better known as being the former bassist for the punk band Numbers On Napkins, who generated a strong following in the mid 2000’s. Stain’s new solo release, The April EP, is the fourth installment in his “Month Series”, and is an overall lackluster release.

Prior to reviewing Stain’s latest release, I was unaware that he had a solo career, although being a fan of Numbers On Napkins, I was excited to hear the EP. Unfortunately, The April EP just didn’t hold up, and the songs are not nearly as good as NoN’s music.

The EP has poor production, and I found myself getting bored with the songs. The title track, April, does have good energy and decent lyrics, but it sounds like a rough cut, and I think that Stain should have polished it up a bit. The best song on the EP is actually Stain’s cover of the popular Screeching Weasel song, I Wanna Be Naked. Stain’s unique acoustic rendition of the tune gives it a drastically different tone, and Stain’s passionate vocals help change the entire mood of the song from wild and energetic to heartfelt and moving.

Lady Luck is also a fairly decent track that’s short and sweet, but that’s not a bad thing. The ska inspired track has an upbeat attitude to it, despite the repetitive lyrics about losing money while in Las Vegas with friends.

Perhaps I wasn’t impressed with The April EP because I expected Chase Stain to have the same style as NoN. I’m not sure, but I just feel like the EP could have been better, especially after I took a listen to some of Stain’s other releases and ended up really enjoying what I heard. The April EP isn’t horrible, it just feels rushed and weak compared to everything else I’ve heard from Stain.