Numbers On Napkins - "NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins" CD

Tone Deaf

September 2021

Written By: Sysco & Q-Bert

SCORE: Thumbs Up / Thumbs Up (2 Thumbs Up)

The latest release from Numbers On Napkins is a collection of the bands most popular tracks, making it a perfect album for fans of the band, or anyone unfamiliar with the band. NoN was a popular band from Phoenix that had their hay day about a decade ago, but the band has released a few new albums in the past couple years. NON Essentials features the bands top tracks, including the bands popular singles “Runaway”, “Summer Daze”, “Ode to the Drink”, “Go Away”, and “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”.

NON Essentials also features three unreleased tracks, including a cover of “Kiss Me Deadly”, an acoustic live recording of “Summer Daze”, and a little fifteen second goofy song called “Liquor Taco”. The band has stated that NON Essentials is the final release from the band, and is a fitting farewell in my opinion.


I agree with Sysco that NON's final release is a fitting farewell, considering that it is a "Greatest Hits" album, but I think that I got a bit more from this album than he did.

I think that NON Essentials was a very powerful release, and I really enjoyed NON's style, as well as their lyrics. The band manages to play several sub-genres of alternative and punk, ranging from raw hardcore punk, to skate punk and pop punk, to post hardcore and indie rock. NON even throws in touches of metal and cowpunk, as well as Irish folk and even a hint of flamenco on one track.

NON Essentials is a superb album that has a diversity and talent. In my opinion, NON Essentials is one of the strongest releases to come from Arizona this year, and I highly recommend picking up a copy of the CD, or downloading it, or at least listening to the release on your favorite streaming platform.