Numbers On Napkins - "NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins" CD

Southwestern Soundwaves

September 2021

Written By: MadsThompson


NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins. Well, the name says it all. This album is a collection featuring NoN’s most popular songs, including their only real successful single, “Runaway”. Numbers On Napkins was a one hit wonder from Phoenix that enjoyed very short lived success, but made a lasting impression in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

NoN was before my time, but I’ve heard several musicians, critics, and hard core fans talk about the band. Listening to NON Essentials introduced me to Numbers On Napkins, and while the bands lyrics are strong and their music is talented and well produced, I’m still not sure why the band is hailed as one of the most under rated artists to come from Arizona.

If NON Essentials contains NoN’s best material, I would rate them as a great band, but not spectacular. The songs that realy stand out in my opinion are “Ode to the Drink”, “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”, “Go Away”, and “The Poor Misfortune of a Dimwitted Lemming”. The remaining tracks are all fairly mediocre, and while many songs are catchy, I just didn’t feel as though they had an original style. Most of NoN’s music has a pretty generic pop punk sound, and some tracks like “True Love”, “Fat Girls”, and “Liquor Taco” are just offensive, and I’m almost surprised that the band had any fans with such sexist and womanizing lyrics.

With all of that being said, NON Essentials is still a very strong album, and even though some of the lyrics may be a bit crass today, I do understand that times have changed, and can forgive them for their lude lyrics. I just don’t find them funny, the way that the scene hyped them up to be. The album is totally worth listening to, and hardcore fans will love the album.