Numbers On Napkins - "NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins" CD

Punk Rock Tribune

September 2021

Written By: Joey Reckless


NON Essentials is the final release from the Phoenix punk band, Numbers On Napkins, who recently announced their departue from the music industry earlier this year. This “Best of” full length album contains various songs from all of the bands previous releases, including the popular single, “Runaway”, which was originally released on the bands debut album, Waiting for Tomorrow, and helped to launch the band’s career back in 2005.

NON Essentials also contains popular tracks from the bands second full length album, Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas, including “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”, “Ten Years Ago Today”, “Go Away”, and “Ode to the Drink”. The new album even has tracks from the limited edition and out of print “QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder” EP and the full length album, “From Buckeye To Beardsley”, which was released in 2019.

Now this album contains all of the best material from Numbers On Napkins, and nearly every track is catchy and well written. NoN’s lyrics are powerful, and the band manages to capture heartbreak with clever metaphores, but are also sometimes very comical and mildly offensive. NoN always performed some of the wildest and fun live performances that the Valley has ever seen, and the shows often included the band members interacting with the crowd and drinking booze. NoN’s shows were highly energetic, and usually included NoN’s bassist playing while wearing nothing but a pair of Speedo’s, or sometimes nothing at all. There was a party attitude that NoN brought to the stage. The band wanted everyone to have a god time, and you could tell that NoN was on stage because they were having fun, doing what they love.

This album doesn’t fully capture the overall energy NoN generated while playing live shows, but it is a good representation of the band, and the diverse styles throughout the album helps show how much the band grew over the years and how versatile the band was. This is an album that any fan of the local music scene should own!