Numbers On Napkins - "NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins" CD

Sounds from the Valley

September 2021

​ISSUE # 36

Written By: Brandon Glover

RATING: 6 Beers


1 BEER = Terrible

2 BEERS = Bad

3 BEERS = Okay

4 BEERS = Good

5 BEERS = Great

6 BEERS = Spectacular!

Over the years, Arizona has produced dozens of extremely talented and gifted musicians and bands. Every once in awhile, one of those artists get lucky, as is the case for Jimmy Eat World, Alice Cooper, Nate Ruess, The Refreshments, Chester Bennington, Stevie Nicks, Gin Blossoms, Authority Zero, and many more. Although there are those bands that somehow get overlooked, and despite all of their potential, eventually just become a faint memory. Numbers On Napkins is a perfect example.

Years before Machine Gun Kelly was butchered so badly by Eminem that he was forced to quit rapping and start playing complete garbage that he labeled pop punk, a local band called Numbers On Napkins was generating a strong buzz in the valley. NoN is one of the greatest pop punk bands to rise from the Valley of the Sun, but despite all of their talent and ambition, the band was never fully appreciated enough by the mainstream music scene and eventually faded away into an Arizona sunset.

Most people have forgotten about NoN, or are young and never heard of the band, so I was stoked when the local record label, Bad Stain Records released NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins. This album gives a new generation the chance to hear NoN and it contains all of the bands best material. Nearly all of the 26 tracks have already been released on various albums in the past, although the band did include an unreleased live recording of their Summer Daze single, which is performed all acoustic. They also included a cover of Kiss Me Deadly, which was an 80’s tune made famous by Lita Ford (former guitarist for The Runaways).

Overall, NON Essentials is a great album that gives the listener the opportunity to hear one of the greatest bands that the local independent music scene in Arizona has ever seen.