Dirty Laundry - "Harmonies From The Hamper"

Phoenix Nightlife Magazine

April 2021

Written By: Craig Brown

GRADE: 3.5 Stars

Here is a little throwback to the 1990's! There probably aren't a lot of people out there that have heard of Dirty Laundry, but the band helped produce several other local artists that you probably have heard of, such as Numbers On Napkins, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, and Sorrower. "Harmonies from the Hamper" shows off the humble beginnings of several local musicians, because Dirty Laundry seemed to have a laundry list of members during its near ten year span in the Valley. "Harmonies from the Hamper" is actually a box set, featuring three CD's that contain the full catalog of the bands music. Every album Dirty Laundry ever released is included in the box set, as well as several rare compilation tracks and previously unreleased material. Dirty Laundry had a variety of styles, probably due to the revolving door of members, but it is very interesting to see how the band progressed. Disc three contains the oldest Dirty Laundry material, including their first release, demo tracks, and a live album. The recording quality is very low, but you get a sense of such joy from the band, that listening almost makes you smile Disc two features the bands second EP, debut full length, as well as various other rare and unreleased tracks. The band changes up things a lot on this CD, playing anything from Skate Punk, to pop punk, and then hardcore punk. Disc three includes the bands last full length, a Christmas themed seven inch record, and various unreleased tracks that they recorded for an album that was never released. The music for the album that was never released is probably the most mainstream that the band ever sounded, and it's a shame it never was released because most of the material is possibly the best stuff that the band ever did. I think that the bands Christmas album was pure genius, and even though the recording is weak, the lyrics and music are just very clever. The music is worth listening to, but not everyone is going to like it. Although due to the diversity, it's likely that everyone will like at least something from the band. "Harmonies from the Hamper" is well worth the $20 price tag, because not only do you get over three hours of music, but the box set includes band member information, a discography, song lyrics, stickers, posters, and a pretty thick biography of the band. The box set is a limited pressing, and the record label is only pressing the album five times. The first pressing is 100 copies, second is 200, third is three, fourth is 400, and fifth and final pressing is 1,000. Each copy is also hand numbered, which is a damn cool feature. From what I understand, the band has sold out of the first and second pressing, so I suggest picking up the box set sooner rather than later, to ensure that you actually get a copy.