Dirty Laundry - "Harmonies From The Hamper"

The Punk Rock Tribune

April 2021

Written By: Joey Reckless


This is a damn good box set from a former punk band that helped shape the underground music scene in Arizona. Dirty Laundry was a band from Phoenix that formed in 1993 and dominated the Phoenix scene until 2002 when the members all decided to throw in the towel. This box set has three CD's full of tons of music. Over 80 songs from the band, and as you listen you can actually hear Dirty Laundry evolve. The box set also has some pretty cool shit, such as a discography, band member list, lyrics booklet, posters and stickers. I really liked that the band included a biography about the band, that is almost a small novel. It's not a very detailed account of the band, but outlines the major developments through its history. Members from Dirty Laundry went off in different directions to form various other bands in Phoenix, such as D-I-X, Subject Mad, Corrupt Citizen, and The Vrooom. Some of the former band members are still performing in bands to this very day. Members from Numbers On Napkins, Sorrower, and Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners all got their start playing with Dirty Laundry. The only thing that this box set lacks in is the overall sound quality of about half of the recordings. Some of the material has a decent production value, but some of the recordings are just too rough. It's still worth getting a copy to add to your collection, but act fast! Harmonies from the Hamper is a limited edition pressing, and once it's gone, it's gone for good!