BSNW Prescott Bass Guitar

The Bad Stain Noize Weapons Prescott Bass is the first instrument that Bad Stain has ever designed and manufactured that was not a limited edition item or custom made one of a kind piece. The BSNW Prescott Bass is also our most affordable instrument that we have ever created, and was built use high quality material and components for serious musicians.

The Prescott Bass was modeled after the legendary Fender Precision Bass, and features a body made from basswood and a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. The “C” shaped neck is 33 inches long with 20 medium jumbo frets. This ultra light bass has a unique sound and tone unlike any other bass guitars available, thanks to the BSNW White Gold bass guitar pickups.

The BSNW White Gold Pickups have a unique style and look, as well as a unique sound and tone. The White Gold Pickups are actually two humbuckers set side by side to help produce a strong and powerful output and tone. Each humbucker features dual blade ceramic magnets with gold accented poles. The gold poles help give the pickups an eye catching style unlike any other pickup, but also disrupts the magnetic field which creates a unique sound unlike any other pickup as well.

The dual ceramic magnet blades create a vibrant, bright and glassy treble tone that forces its way to the front of the mix, although they are still capable of producing thunderous lows and tight mids.

The BSNW White Gold Pickups have been specifically designed for players who are slapping or using a pick, and are not recommended for finger playing. That’s because the special ceramic blade design of each magnet was created to help accent each stroke of a pick or slap to produce a spectacular punch, with a shimmering tone that rings out longer and stronger than most other pickups.

The White Gold Pickups have an output of 19,000 Ohms, with the ability to provide a crisp top end and the dual blade design keeps notes fat and full. The pickups are connected to 500k Fender pots that help increase treble, that blends well with the unique fluctuating magnetic effect.

The Prescott Bass features a master volume control and master tone control, as well as a HiMass bridge that helps to keep the bass in tune and provide more sustain.

PRICE: $759.00