Numbers On Napkins
Chase Stain wit da Weaselettes in Da Ho Beatin' Corner
Chase showin da gold n' sippin' on Juice
wit da Weaselette Brittany
Dis Weaselette be getting busy thinkin'
bout Tad fo sho foo
Hot Weaselette be a Sex Pistol
Straight Up Ass
Pimpin' on da birfday
Singin' & Swingin'
Damn dees two be lookin' kickin'
Sparkin da smoke while Janice be
holdin' da juice for da pimpist pimp
Da West Side Weasels & Da Weaselettes Been sippin' da juice
and kickin' it all night
Weaselette Sabrina be down wit da
Pimpin' NoN crew at Moe's Crib
Birfday Boy showin' da gold n' playin'
his bad ass Bass, "Cherry"
Numbers On Napkins Kickin Da Beats fo da party
Janice & Leesie sippin' from da
Pimp Cup Weaselette Style
Weaselettes Representin' da NoN crew on da West Side
Weaselettes damn hot
Sexy, Freaky, straight like da
Weaselettes do.