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We are happy to announce that we have decided on a date to release our upcoming "Ode to the Drink" EP CD.  Our
latest release is scheduled to hit store shelves on December 6th, 2019.  The EP will be a limited edition pressing,
and only 300 copies will be released.  In addition, the album will also not have any digital distribution, so the album
will not be available to download, or to listen to streaming.  The EP features four versions of the title track, "Ode to
the Drink".  We included the original acoustic version that we originally released on "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas",
and the Irish Punk version that we just released on "From Buckeye To Beardsley" and features guest vocals from
Cris MoSkill of ATM during the second verse and viola from Ryan Butler, the guitarist of Landmine Marathon.  The
EP also features a live version of the song that was originally released on the limited edition and out of print "Forget
This, I'm Going to Tokyo" EP CD, as well as a previously unreleased live acoustic version of the song that was
performed while doing an on air broadcast interview with the band at ASU's "The Blaze" 1260AM.  We imagine that
the EP will sell out pretty fast, so if you want a copy, we suggest that you buy one as soon as they become
available.  We aren't sure if Bad Stain Records will be making the CD available to pre-order yet, but we will post
that info as soon as we find out.


Tad, Moe, and Chase


Attention Loyal Subjects.....  

We have officially released the first music video from our new album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley".  The video is for
the song, "Burpin' Our Way to Mexico", a fun, goofy, acoustic track, featuring lyrics about the band performing live
on the road in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The video is a low budget.....well.....actually, NO BUDGET production.  In
fact, it's really just a simple slideshow of various images of the band performing live shows, as well as photo shoots,
personal photos, promotional pictures, and old flyers.  The end result is a collection of random photos with a comedic
soundtrack.  We chose to release this video because the album just hit shelves a few weeks ago, and we wanted to
have a video associated with it.  We had originally planned to release "Summer Daze" or "Baby Got Back" as our first
single, and discussed using various live footage from several past live performances in the video.  Unfortunately, we
just didn't have the time to find all of our old videos in time.  So we made the decision to release our first video as
a simple slideshow, and over the next few months we will be putting together all of the footage for our next video.  
So basically......we promise our next video will be better.   Now, we aren't saying how much better,
because...well...come on, lets face it......everyone out there has seen our videos for "Forget This, I'm Going to
Tokyo", "Broken", and "Go Away" everyone knows that we aren't known for high budget videos!

We also want to once again thank everyone out there who has purchased a copy of "From Buckeye To Beardsley".  
Sales have been better than we ever expected, and we are blown away that our fans are so loyal and just plain
awesome.  We also want to make sure that everyone knows that digital distribution for the new album will be
available in late 2019, and everyone will have the ability to download the album, as well as listen to songs streaming
online as well.  Although for now, only our fans who purchase the physical CD currently have the ability to listen to
the's our way of trying to force our fans into buying the CD, because in all honesty, we are proud of
the way every part of this al;bum turned out, and the album packaging and artwork are a huge part of enjoying the
experience of listening to a new album.  It's an experience that our younger fans don't have a chance to enjoy, and
our older fans have sometimes forgotten how cool it feels to have the new CD from a band, and listen to a song while
reading the lyrics, or looking at the different photos, or finding out where the band recorded and who engineered the
album, or reading the thank you list to discover the names of other bands that may be worth checking out!  
Anyways.....that's pretty much it for now.  


Tad, Moe, and Chase

This time of year it is important to reflect on the choices you have made throughout the year and analyze the
various circumstances in your life, and then set the goals you hope to accomplish next year, all while deciding what
exactly it is that you are most thankful for at this particular time......For us, it's just the same thing every year.  
We reflect on how awesome we are, and look at all the different ways that we have become so awesome, and it
makes us all feel bad for everyone out there who aren't us.  We are thankful that we make so many people so
happy, and think about how lucky all of our friends are because they have the chance to have us in their lives.  It
can be somewhat sad sometimes.  Unfortunately, we will never get to know how awesome it is to have us as a friend,
and we often wish that we could change places with the people we know, just for five minutes.....that way we could
have the chance to feel as lucky as all of our friends feel because they know us.  Ohhhh, and we each have an
enormous penis.  With that being said, we want to wish all of our fans a Happy Thanksgiving.

We also want to let everyone know that we have set up a Pre-Order option for our new upcoming limited Edition EP
Single, "Ode to the Drink".  Fans will be able to Pre-Order the EP starting on 11/29/2019, a week before the
official release date.  The EP has a limited pressing of just 300 copies, so we highly recommend that anyone who
wants to make sure that they get a copy should place their order as soon as they can.  To Pre-Order the EP, visit
The Bad Stain Records Facebook Shop and select the "***Pre-Order*** Numbers On Napkins - Ode to the Drink"
option in the CD's category.  

Our latest release, "From Buckeye To Beardsley" has been in stores for over three months, and sales have been
stronger than expected.  It is now also possible to download the album, or select songs from the album at over a
hundred different sites, ranging from I-Tunes to Spotify!  Last week, we released the Official Music Video for
"Summer Daze" on the brand new Bad Stain Records YouTube Page.  The video features live footage of Numbers On
Napkins performing live at various music venues, clubs, bars, and house parties between 2007 and 2013.  We are
asking that all of our fans take a few minutes and watch
Numbers On Napkins "Summer Daze" Official Music Video
and then let us know what you think.

"Summer Daze" has also been put into rotation on several online and college radio stations, as well as added to various
playlists.  We are asking for everyone's support to keep the song in rotation for as long as possible!  We just ask
that everyone out there that has a few extra minutes take the time to request "Summer Daze" to be played on
their favorite radio station!  That's all for now, but check back soon for more updates!


Tad, Moe, and Chase