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We are very excited to announce that Bad Stain Records is releasing the 15 Year Anniversary Deluxe Collector's Edition
Re-Issue of our debut album, "Waiting for Tomorrow" on July 31st!  The special deluxe edition CD features a dozen bonus
tracks, in addition to all of the original tracks from the album.  The CD contains demo versions of popular singles like
"Runaway" and "True Love", as well as live recordings, and rare and previously unreleased material.  The album features a
song called "Telephone" that we hope fans will enjoy, as well as a punk rock version of "Fat Girls"!  We are super excited
about the release, and will keep everyone up to date via Facebook and Instagram, or just check back here.

We also came across some old reviews of "Waiting for Tomorrow" and posted them in the Press section.  It's great because
we found the review from Maximum Rock N' Roll, which is our favorite review of all time!  Make sure to read it when you
have a chance.  The other reviews are from Punk Planet, Skratch, and The Punk Rock Fan Scene Fanzine.  All of the reviews
are very short, just a couple of sentences, but we promise that the Maximum Rock N' Roll review is totally worth
reading.....QUOTE: "These guys truly have their heads up their asses.  Just terrible."  Lol.  You can read all of the reviews
by going to the press section, or just click the link below and it will take you directly to the "Reviews" section of our Press
page, and you can select which review you want to read.

Last, our bassist, Chase Stain did an interview with the Tucson based fanzine, VALLEY FREQUENCIES, and it was so long
that the zine split it up into a 3 part series!  You can check out part one of the interview by clicking the link below.  
Thanks to everyone who is not rioting and coughing on people.......this world is FUCKED!



Tad, Moe, and Chase