8-1-2020        Fifteen Year Anniversary Deluxe Collector's Edition Re-Issue of "Waiting
for Tomorrow" is On Sale Now
The 15 year anniversary deluxe collector's edition of Numbers On Napkins debut album, "Waiting
for Tomorrow" is now available to purchase from the
Bad Stain Facebook Store,,
or at various mom and pop record stores, including Zia Records.  You can also listen to the album or
download it from various sites, including  Make sure to follow Numbers On Napkins on

We have also added new Bad Stain Records hats, beanies, and patches to our merch page, and you
can buy all of the new items at the official Bad Stain Records Facebook Store.  We will be adding
more merchandise at the end of the month, or in early September, so stay tuned!

Last, Valley Frequencies Magazine released their August issue today, featuring the third and final
installment of an interview with Bad Stain's founder and president, Chase Stain.  Chase Stain has
included the interview at his official website, and you can read all three parts from Valley
Frequencies magazine by clicking

That's all for now, but we will have more news soon!

                                                                                              - Justin Bleach

7-18-2020        New Updated Merchandise Page
We have updated our Merchandise page, and are gearing up to release some new products over the
next few months.  Still got a bit of changes to make on the "Shirts" page, and someone hacked into
our site and deleted our F.A.Q.'s page, so we will be making a new F.A.Q. page in the near future as

                                                                                                - Chase Stain

7-16-2020        New "Bad Stain Records" Stickers, Beanies, Hats, and Other Merch
Coming in August!
We have got some brand new items that we will be adding to our Merch Page, as well as our Official
Facebook Store over the next few months, allowing everyone out there tons of options to buy that
special someone the perfect gift this upcoming holiday season.  It all starts next month when we
will be adding two brand new sticker designs, as well as new hats, and new beanies that are
available in black or pink!  As the months go by, expect new t-shirts, ringer tees, 3/4 sleeve
baseball tees, hoodies, patches, bowling shirts, and more!  In addition, we will be releasing the
latest instrument from Bad Stain Noise Weapons in December, and we will announce all of the
details about the new electric guitar shortly.  The new guitar is a limited build, and only 12 guitars
will be manufactured, with each guitar individually numbered.  Ohhhh, and obviously my daughter,
Nova Kaine Stain, who helped design the guitar, as well as myself, will be purchasing the new guess it's more accurate to say that only 10 copies will be made available to
purchase.  All I can say about it is.........."Holy Hell.....this fucker is cool!"

                                                                                            - Chase Stain

6-14-2020        Waiting for Tomorrow DELUXE EDITION RE-ISSUE, Daymes Rocket
Debut Release, and Plenty of Good Stuff this Summer!
The summer of 2020 is becoming full of great releases from Bad Stain, and we are all super
excited to be providing music to the masses during this difficult time.  For starters, we wanted to
announce that Daymes Rocket will be releasing their first single, titled, "Hell Yeah" in late July.  
The two song CD features the title track, plus an additional powerful single titled, "Breaking Me
Inside".  Both songs are from the bands full length album, "Light It Up", set for release next year.  
The CD will be on sale for just $3.99 at your local mom and pop record shop, or you can download the
tunes at ITunes, Spotify, or whatever digital distribution site you enjoy.  Daymes Rocket is
currently gearing up to go out on a short tour across the southwestern U.S. and Mexico to promote
the release, and will proceed with recording material for their full length album when the band
returns in the fall.

Fifteen years ago, a radio station in Phoenix called 103.9 The Edge started playing the single,
"Runaway", from Numbers On Napkins debut album, "Waiting for Tomorrow".  "Waiting for
Tomorrow" was released in December of 2004, but The Edge hadn't put "Runaway" into full
rotation until the summer of 2005, when NON started performing at Edge sponsored events much
more frequently.  During that summer, NON developed a strong fan base as a result of the radio
airplay, as well as performing  with other popular local acts, like Authority Zero.  To help celebrate
the fifteen year anniversary of NON's success, Bad Stain Records is releasing a special 15 Year
Anniversary Deluxe Collector's Edition Re-Issue of NON's debut full length album, "Waiting for
Tomorrow".  The CD features all ten original tracks, plus a dozen bonus tracks that fans are sure to
enjoy.  Bonus tracks include two songs from the out of print "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP, a
few live tracks, demo recordings of popular songs, including "Runaway", "Broken", and "True Love",
and a couple previously unreleased tracks as well, including an alternate punk rock version of "Fat
Girls".  The album will be in stores and available to download starting July 31st.

The debut release, "Brand New Start", from Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys is officially in
stores now!  Critics are already giving the record praise, and the band has already sold over 700
copies in the first two days, which is very impressive.  In fact, they sold over 500 copies at their
record release party last night, and the band is already heading back into the studio to start
recording more material for a split seven inch release with Rose Sunshine, and a split seven inch
release with The Starlight Sisters!

Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners also just released their ten inch record, "Mill Avenue", and
the record is also getting great reviews!  The band has not been touring due to the COVID-19
pandemic, but is working on writing new material for what the band promises will be their most
diverse and experimental release to date.  Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners stated that
their new upcoming double seven inch release will feature their usual blend of pop punk, hardcore,
and thrash, but will also feature new wave, emotronic, anti-folk, and rap.  The band hopes to have
the record recorded and ready for release this winter or early 2021.

That's all for now.  Bye Bye.

                                                                                        - Nova Kaine Stain

6-7-2020        Screw the Release Dates and Welcome the Newest Members to Our
Family, The Starlight Sisters!
We keep changing the release dates of the various albums coming out, but the whole world seems to
be in chaos and it makes shit difficult to decide when we should be releasing shit.  Anyway, the new
ten inch record, "Mill Avenue" from Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners is now in stores, so go
get a copy n
ow!  Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys had planned on releasing their new ten inch
record on July 10th, but they had a change of heart, and the new record hits stores this Friday,
June 12th!  So you can get your copy from your favorite mom and pop record shop Friday, or
pre-order your copy now and we'll ship it asap!

We are also very excited to announce that we have signed The Starlight Sisters to the label, and
the duo will be releasing a split seven inch record with Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys sometime
in the late summer.  Both band just entered the studio and are currently working on recording the
songs for the split release, which will have a limited press run of just 1,200 copies!  The Starlight
Sisters and cousins with Daisy Moonshine and Rose Sunshine, although they play a much softer style
of music that is a blend of folk, emo, and reggae, with small hints of acoustic punk rock, jazz, and
flamenco.  We think that Violet and Lilly Starlight are going to make some noise with their debut
release, and want to welcome them both to our little family!

Last, we want to let everyone out there know that we currently only have about 30 copies of Rose
Sunshine's, "Trapped in Paradise" 7" record left, and the record will not be repressed, so order
your copy quick if you haven't added the record to your collection yet.

                                                                              - Chase Stain

6-1-2020        Release Dates Change Again and a New Chase Stain Interview.
Well, once again we are changing release dates for upcoming albums.  The new ten inch vinyl record,
"Mill Avenue", from Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners will now hit stores on 6-5-2020, and
pre-order sales start today!  So you can pre-order your copy now!  Daisy Moonshine and The City
Boys will be releasing their ten inch record on July 10th, 2020, and pre-order starts on 7/4/2020.

Bad Stain President, Chase Stain, was interviewed a couple weeks ago and the interview is being
featured in the June issue of "Valley Frequencies".  The interview was so long that it has been
separated into three parts, and you can read part one by picking up a copy of the fanzine, or by
checking out Chase Stain's official website.  
CLICK HERE to read part 1 of the interview.

Last, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners have made some unique changes to their line up.  
Drummer Steven Starch has had to leave the band for personal issues, and "The Fab" Rick
Softener has changed from bass and is now the bands drummer.  The new bassist for the band is
Justin Bleach, who has played with frontman Johnny Laundromat in several of his bands, including
Dirty Laundry.  Both members have stated that they are excited to be working together again.

                                                                                    - Mohawk Brian

5-23-2020        Release Dates Announced.....Delayed....All of that Shit.
We regret to inform everyone that the new limited edition ten inch record, "Mill Avenue", from
Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners has been delayed until July of 2020.  Due to the
Stay-At-Home Order that was put into place virtually across all fifty states, Bad Stain has delayed
releasing several albums on the label.  "Mill Avenue" will now be available on 7/17/2020, and
available to pre-order on July 10th.  Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys have also announced that the
release date of the bands debut record will be July 24th, with pre-order starting on July 17th.

Both bands have already started working on writing and recording material for the follow up to
their albums, and both bands have decided to record their albums at The Distortion Factory in
Glendale, AZ.  The City Boys guitarist, Charlie Riot, is engineering and producing both albums, and
has relocated to Phoenix for the next three or four months, in order to spend as much time as
possible working alongside the bands.  We will announce more information about the recording
process as it becomes available.

                                                                           Bye for Now - Chase Stain

3-15-2020        Paranoid Morons Across the U.S. Force Tour Cancellations, Official
Release Date for "Mill Avenue" Announced, and More Worthless Information
Due to the mass paranoia surrounding the Corona Virus, we are saddened to announce that all tours
and future shows from all Bad Stain Recording Artists have been cancelled.  We will be working
with our artists to reschedule as many of the shows as possible, and we will keep everyone up to
date with all future details.

Bad Stain Recording Artists, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, have officially announced the
release date for the bands upcoming ten inch vinyl record, "Mill Avenue".  The new record will hit
stores on May 15th, 2020, although fans can choose to pre-order the record if they prefer,
starting on May 8th, 2020.  I just want to point out that it's a little funny that Johnny Laundromat
and The Drycleaners chose to name their new album, "Mill Avenue"..........Numbers On Napkins just
released their new album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley", and it feels like Johnny and The
Drycleaners may have got a bit of inspiration from NON when naming their new album...........  So in
other words, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners are copycats!

We also wanted to let everyone know that Justin Bleach can be a bit stupid at times, and last
month he informed everyone that we only had 12 copies of the "Punk til ya Puke" compilation CD
remaining, and that it was the only volume in the "Punk til ya..." series still in print.  Justin was
correct when he announced that we only had 12 copies left, although he must have forgotten about
the "Punk til ya Pass-Out" compilation CD, because we currently have hundreds of copies of that
album still available!  In any case, I want to let everyone know that we only have 7 copies of "Punk
til ya Puke" remaining, and the CD will not be repressed.  In addition, last month we ended up selling
the last few copies of the 946 West / Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners split ten inch
record.  The record was a limited edition release, and is no longer available.

Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys recorded pre-production material for the bands debut album,
and are currently polishing up their songs and preparing to start recording material for the album.  
The band hopes to start recording their debut release within the next few weeks.

Last, I wanted to let everyone know that after suffering with stomach cramps, and what I had
thought was a stomach virus for several weeks, I finally decided to check my self into the ER
earlier last week.  I ended up having to have emergency surgery, and the doctor's removed my gall
bladder.  I'm feeling much better, although it will take me another week or two before I'm fully
healed.  Over the next two weeks, I ask that everyone please allow me some time to get back to
them if you send me an email, or text or call me.

                                                                          - Chase Stain

2-24-2020        Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys Hit the Studio, and "Mill Avenue" gets
sent to be manufactured
Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys surprised everyone when they announced that they are entering
the studio to start recording material for the bands debut release.  Daisy Moonshine recently
parted ways from her previous project, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers, and in just six
weeks, her new band has written enough material to start the recording process.  Daisy Moonshine
and The City Boys are hoping to release a ten inch record with thirteen tracks on Bad Stain by the
Fall of 2020.

Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners have completed recording and mixing their upcoming ten
inch record, and the master copy was sent out for mastering a few days ago.  The bands new record,
"Mill Avenue", should be mastered and fully ready to be sent to press within the next week!  The
band plans on announcing an official release date for their new record sometime in the next two or
three weeks, so check back for upcoming info, or visit us on social media.......with that being said,
please follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and/or like us on FaceBook!

We also wanted to let everyone know that we have nearly sold out of the Johnny Laundromat and
The Drycleaners and 946 West split ten inch record, and we currently only have nine copies left!  
We also realized that we only have twelve remaining copies of the "Punk til ya Puke" compilation CD.  
"Punk til ya Puke" was the first installment in the "Punk til ya....." series of compilations, and was the
only remaining volume still available, as all of the other compilations are now out of print.  
Considering that none of the bands featured on "Punk til ya Puke" are currently active and
performing, we see no reason to repress the CD, and this will be the final pressing.  So we suggest
that anyone who wants a copy of either album make their purchase fast!

                                                                        - Justin Bleach

2-8-2020        Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners Announce Title of Upcoming Album
Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners spent the last four weekends at The Distortion Factory in
Glendale, AZ recording the music for their new upcoming album.  The band recorded eleven songs
for the new release, and decided to name the new album, "Mill Avenue".  They chose to release the
songs on ten inch vinyl, with a limited pressing of only 1,800 copies.  The band has completed laying
down all of the tracks, although still need to get guest vocal tracks from fellow Bad Stain
Recording Artists Chase Stain, and Daisy Moonshine, as well as Megan Tyce.  The band hopes to
release the album this spring.

                                                                              - Mohawk Brian
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