Moe Money Signature Stratocaster

When Numbers On Napkins announced their return to the underground punk scene after spending nearly five years on hiatus, the band came up with the idea of designing a signature model bass and guitar, and giving them a way to promote the release of their upcoming album. Chase Stain and Moe Money embarked on a mission to create their official signature model instruments, a process that ended up taking several months of testing assorted pickups, neck shapes, and control options.

Moe Money has always played Strats, although he had always felt as though the five way switch on the Stratocaster was in a poor location. Money expressed his frustration with the Stratocaster design, and pointed out that while the location and position of the five way switch made it easy to adjust quickly while playing, it was also very easy to accidentally hit the switch while playing live, especially if you are highly energetic like Money is during live performances. Money requested that the pickup selection switch be relocated to the back end of the guitar to reduce the chances of hitting the switch while playing.

The BSNW Moe Money Signature Fender Stratocaster features an Alder body, and a “C” shaped Maple neck with Maple fretboard. The neck is the standard length of 25.5 inches, and features 22 jumbo frets, with custom dollar symbol inlaid fret markers. Money spent several hours testing pickups for his signature Strat, and eventually decided that he did not want the classic three pickup “SSS” configuration that the Fender Stratocaster is known for, but instead he wanted a humbucker at the bridge and at the neck positions. After careful consideration, Money chose to use Seymour Duncan pickups.

The Moe Money Signature Fender Stratocaster features an Invader humbucking pickup at the bridge position to provide a loud, vicious, and unapologetic huge sound. The Invader humbucking pickup delivers an extreme output, thanks to the combination of specially overwound coils, and three large ceramic magnets, as well as its oversized metal oxide pole pieces that help give the pickup a unique style. These components expand the overall magnetic field and widen the frequency spectrum, making every note played rich and powerful, with a thick and deep low end response. Money had Seymour Duncan personalize the “Invader” pickups for his Strat by replacing the standard black hex key heads with gold hex key heads, giving his signature guitar more of a unique look.

Money had originally planned on using a “Hot Rails” Pickup in the Neck position of his signature model guitar, although he sometimes felt as though the output from the “Hot Rails” pickup was a bit too extreme and overpowering. After some thought, Money decided to have Seymour Duncan create a custom pickup for his signature Strat.

The Moe Money Signature “Money $hot!” humbucking pickup features dual coils set in a single coil case, making it quick and easy to install. Moe Money’s signature “Money $hot!” humbucking pickup delivers a powerful and thundering output, but is not as extreme as Seymour Duncan’s “Hot Rails” pickup, allowing it to be used in more applications. Like the “Hot Rails”, the “Money $hot!” uses a large ceramic magnet, although it uses a smaller gauge wire and is only slightly overwound, giving it thick and rich tones that are well balanced and screaming hot with a thick fluid feel.

The Moe Money Signature Strat has a Telecaster style three way pickup selection switch that is located near the back of the guitar, to reduce the risk of hitting it while playing. Each of the pickups have their own master volume control knob, and there are no tone adjustment knobs, making the overall control options straight forward and simple to use.

Money’s signature strat also features a Fender six saddle vintage style syncronized tremolo bridge and Fender locking tuner machines to help ensure that the guitar stays in tune, even after hours of playing. Like all Bad Stain Noize Weapons, The Moe Money Signature Fender Stratocaster is a special limited edition build, and only 30 of the guitars will be manufactured.

Money’s Strat features his signature on the back of the headstock, and a custom designed engraved neckplate with the Fender logo, the serial number, and the individual build number, along with the total number of Money Strats manufactured. The guitar also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that provides detailed information about the instrument.

PRICE: $1689.00