Lipstick Stain Humbucking Pickups

When most people think about lipstick tube pickups, they think of Danelectro Guitars, and hear a warm, bright and jangly tone. That’s not the case with Bad Stain Noize Weapons Lipstick Stain Humbucking Pickups. When BSNW started designing the limited edition Lipstick Stain Guitar in late 2019, the plan was to have Seymour Duncan manufacture their special custom humbucking lipstick tube pickups for the instrument. Unfortunately, when BSNW was finally ready to order the pickups in the summer of 2020, Seymour Duncan had stopped manufacturing custom orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Seymour Duncan also discontinued manufacturing the humbucking lipstick tube pickups, even for custom orders. This left BSNW in a rough situation, as they had designed their entire new guitar surrounding the extremely unique pickups.

BSNW decided to resolve the situation by designing and manufacturing their very own lipstick tube humbuckers. After weeks of testing various magnets and wire, BSNW was able to successfully develop a pickup that they felt had the exact perfect tone that they had been trying to produce.

The Lipstick Stain Lipstick Tube Humbucking Pickup produces a vibrant and jangly tone when the pickup is split and is played as a single coil, and produces a powerful, thick and rich tone when the pickup is played as a humbucker. BSNW designed the pickups with five wires to allow for the option of coil tapping if desired.

The BSNW Lipstick Stain lipstick tube style neck pickup produces 9,800 ohms and the bridge produces 12,000 ohms when played as a humbucker. The neck pickup produces 2,800 ohms as a single coil, and the bridge produces 4,000 ohms as a single coil. Both coils feature Alnico 5 magnets, and are tightly wound using a thick gauge copper wire, and encased in chrome plated metal tubes, giving the Lipstick Stain Humbucking Pickups a unique and iconic look and sound.

Bad Stain Noize Weapons Lipstick Stain lipstick tube humbucking pickups were designed and made exclusively for the BSNW Lipstick Stain Electric Guitar, but are now available to purchase individually.

The pickups are able to produce a high output with massive and thunderous low ends that roar. The Lipstick Stain dual lipstick tube humbucking pickups take each chord that is played and gives it a thick crunch that has a genuine feel of primal rage.

When performing solos, each note that is hit with the pick rings out with a unique and rich sounding sustain that seems to almost crackle as it flows like an ocean wave with an alternating tone that rises and falls.

The custom built BSNW Lipstick Stain dual lipstick tube humbucking pickup is only available in Chrome, and fits in most guitars without any, or very little modifications, transforming your guitar into a unique and innovative tone producing machine!

PRICE: $189.00 Each