BSNW Lipstick Stain Les Paul

Bad Stain Noize Weapons proudly presents the custom built, limited edition Lipstick Stain Les Paul electric guitar. The Lipstick Stain is the perfect instrument to add to your arsenal of guitars. The Lipstick Stain is based on the iconic Gibson Les Paul guitar, and features custom made dual lipstick tube humbucking pickups by Bad Stain Noize Weapons. This guitar is perfect for beginners that are ready to proceed to the next level and become serious players. In addition, the Lipstick Stain is a vital tool for musicians in the recording studio, because of the diverse variety of tones that can be achieved with an assortment of simple adjustments.

The new BSNW Lipstick Stain Humbucking Pickups took over twelve weeks to develop, but the end result helps to make this guitar truly unique. The BSNW Lipstick Stain pickups feature Alnico 5 magnets that are tightly wound using a thick gauge copper wire, and encased in chrome plated metal tubes. The BSNW Lipstick Stain lipstick tube style neck pickup produces 9,800 ohms and the bridge produces 12,000 ohms when played as a humbucker. The neck pickup produces 2,800 ohms as a single coil, and the bridge produces 4,000 ohms as a single coil.

The Lipstick Stain electric guitar features push/push volume knobs, giving the player the ability to change each of the pickups from humbuckers, to single coil if desired, adding to the diversity of the guitar. In addition, the guitar also features the classic Les Paul pickup selection switch, giving the player the ability to switch from either the bridge or neck pickup, or both. The pickup selection switch has a unique look, featuring a 45 bullet shell casing as the knob of the switch, giving the guitar a stylish aesthetic.

The Lipstick Stain produces a glassy and vibrant jangly tone, very similar to the classic Danelectro guitars, when played as a single coil pickup. The tone is perfect for not only surf music, but it works amazing when playing ska, reggae, emo, and classic rock. When the Lipstick Stain pickups are set to humbuckers, the guitar creates a strong, thick and rich tone, perfect for punk, metal, and alternative rock.

The Bad Stain Noize Weapons Lipstick Stain Electric Guitar is a limited edition build, and only twelve guitars will be manufactured. Each guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity, and features a custom truss rod cover that is engraved with the individual build number, as well as the total number of guitars manufactured in the limited edition build.

PRICE: $1659.00