Chase Stain Signature Jagstang Bass

The Fender JagStang guitar is one of the most iconic guitars ever designed, and a modern day classic. The unique custom made guitar was designed by Kurt Cobain, and built by Fender. After just two years, Fender discontinued manufacturing the guitar in the U.S., and the Jagstang has held its position in music history ever since.

For over two decades, musicians across the world have contacted Fender and asked them to reissue the guitar, as well as design and produce a version of the Jagstang as a bass guitar, only to have their cries fall upon deaf ears.

In early 2018, Numbers On Napkins co-frontman and bassist, Chase Stain, decided to have a custom Fender JagStang Bass Guitar built as his personal bass guitar. After further thought, Stain decided to take things a step further. He knew that he wasn’t the only person out there that would love to have a JagStang Bass, and decided to give other musicians and JagStang fans the opportunity to purchase a JagStang Bass. Stain wanted to make sure that he designed the Jagstang Bass to be a work of art, with the highest quality parts available. He also wanted the bass to be made using only genuine Fender parts, or Fender authorized parts.

Stain had several ideas and thoughts bouncing around in his head regarding the design of his signature JagStang Bass. He wanted the bass to be diverse, with the ability to produce a wide variety of tones that would work well with the assorted styles of music the he writes and plays.

Another thing that Stain was sure about when regarding the JagStang Bass was the color. The JagStang body reminded Stain of a classic 57 Chevy, with its large points that resemble tailfins. Stain was adamant that his signature JagStang only be available in Daphne Blue, to help capture the essence of the shape of the bass.

It was important to Stain that the JagStang bass be built using genuine Fender parts, although that wouldn’t be an option when it came to the body of the bass. Stain decided to have Warmoth Guitars manufacture the bass body. Warmoth specializes in manufacturing replicas of various guitars, including the JagStang Guitar, and is a Fender Authorized company. Stain had no doubt that Warmoth was the perfect choice to make the body. Stain requested that Warmoth design the JagStang body and have it routed for a PJ pickup configuration, and asked that the controls and bridge be routed differently as well. Unfortunately, Warmoth was unable to complete the request, but offered to make the JagStang body without any routing, allowing Stain to design the pickup, bridge, and control options however he desired.

The BSNW Chase Stain Signature Fender Jagstang Bass Guitar features a basswood body, just like the original JagStang Guitar. The body was hand crafted by Warmoth guitars, and the bass also features a maple Fender Mustang Bass neck with rosewood fretboard. The “C” shaped neck is 30 inches long, with 19 medium jumbo frets.

The Jagstang’s “Black Gold” bridge and “White Gold” neck pickups were designed and custom made exclusively for Chase Stain by Seymour Duncan. The “Black Gold” bridge pickup uses Alnico 6 magnets to generate a strong and thunderous low end tone that produces a thick and heavy sound with a deep snarl.

The Jagstang’s “White Gold” neck pickup uses Alnico 2 magnets to provide enhanced dynamics and focus, with polyurethane insulated wire that is overwound for a high output with a bright and crisp high end tone.

The Jagstang also features a three switch control panel that gives the user the option of turning on or off the bridge and neck pickups, as well as a switch that changes the bass from passive to active. This makes the JagStang Bass extremely diverse, almost like several basses in one. When the bass is in passive mode, the bridge pickup alone generates deep lows, while the neck pickup produces intense highs. Both pickups together create a screaming high in the front of the mix, with booming lows in the back. Switching the bass to active changes the tone completely, and the two thumbwheel controls at the top of the bass gives the player the option of increasing or reducing the amount of treble or bass in the mix.

Other control options include tone control knobs for both the bridge and neck pickups, as well as a master volume control knob.

The Jagstang Bass features a Fender HiMass bridge to keep the bass in tune and provide more sustain when playing, and has 70’s vintage “F” style Fender stamped open gear tuning machines.

The Jagstang Bass is a special limited edition build, and only 27 Jagstang Basses will be manufactured. The Jagstang features a custom designed engraved neckplate with the bass serial number, and the individual build number, along with the total number of Jagstang basses manufactured.

PRICE: $2359.00