Hypersonic Series Humbucking Pickups

BSNW Hypersonic Series Humbucking Pickups come in three styles, each with a similar design, identical look, and drastically different sound.

Hypersonic pickups are tightly wound using 42 gauge polyurethane insulated copper wire, helping provide a crisp output and tone.

Hypersonic pickups have a pickup cover that is available in nickel or gold, and one half of the pickup features steel slug pole pieces, and the other side features oversized hex head bolts, instead of the typical flat head screws primarily used with an enclosed pickup design.

The hex head bolt pole pieces set above the pickup cover, so that the strings are much closer to the magnetic field, allowing the pickup to detect each pick of the strings clear and precise.

The simple, quick and easy drop in design makes the BSNW Hypersonic Series Pickups a great way to help upgrade the favorite weapon in your arsenal!

Mach 6 Pickups

Mach six humbucking pickups are fueled by Alnico 6 magnets, producing burning hot high end tones. Mach 6’s generate well balanced mids, as well as deep and heavy lows.

Mach 8 Pickups

Mach eight humbucking pickups are fueled by Alnico 8 magnets, producing a hot and fiery tone of blinding and shiny highs. Mach 8’s burn with hot highs and warm mids, but still produce thick lows.

Mach 9 Pickups

Mach nine humbucking pickups are fueled by Alnico 9 magnets, producing a scorching tone of shimmering and vibrant highs. Mach 9’s are hot and bright, with warm mids and lows.

PRICE: $99.00 Each