BSNW Hypersonic Corvette Guitar

The Bad Stain Noize Weapons Hypersonic Corvette Electric Guitar is a near exact replication of the iconic limited edition Gibson Corvette that was originally released in 1995. The Gibson Corvette was a limited edition build by Gibson Custom Shop and Chevrolet to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of the Chevy Corvette.

The Gibson Corvette was built by modifying the design of the Gibson Les Paul, and only 200 guitars were manufactured. When the Gibson Corvette was released in 1995, it had a price tag of $2,000. Now, they are virtually impossible to find, and if you can find one, they can run upwards of $10,000 or more!

BSNW chose to replicate the Corvette almost exactly like the original. The BSNW Hypersonic Corvette features “Corvette” inlaid into the fretboard using faux white opal, just like the original. The guitar also features “Gibson” and the Corvette logo on the front of the headstock, like the Gibson Corvette.

The Hypersonic Corvette also has a reflective mirror style truss rod cover, pickup switch cover and control panel cover, just like many Gibson Custom Shop builds, including the Corvette. The truss rod cover is silk-screened with “1960”, to mark the year that Chevy first introduced the Corvette, and the pickup selection switch cover is silk-screened with a Chevy Corvette design, just like the original Gibson Corvette.

All 200 Gibson Corvette guitars featured a VIN instead of the usual serial number engraved into the back of the headstock. Each Hypersonic Corvette has “VIN 5180” engraved into the back, because that VIN was never used by Gibson. Gibson requested that we use that VIN so that the guitars can be identified as a replica. The serial number for each guitar is located under the control panel cover.

The Hypersonic Corvette has the same style volume and tone control knobs as the original and Grover tuning machines, just like the original.

The pickup selection switch features a bullet shell knob, like most other BSNW guitars, and has BSNW Hypersonic Series Mach Nine humbucking pickups, giving it a scorching tone.

The BSNW Hypersonic Corvette is a limited edition build, and only nine guitars will be manufactured. Each guitar is individually numbered, and the guitar number is located under the control panel.

The Hypersonic Corvette is available in black & red, black & white, sky blue & white, sea foam green & white, and fire orange & white. Each Hypersonic Corvette comes with a certificate of authenticity.

PRICE: $1089.00