FrankenStain PJ-Bass Pickups

The BSNW FrankenStain Pickups for PJ style bass guitars feature a unique style and look, as well as a powerful and monster like tone that are a perfect addition to any PJ style bass guitar.

BSNW FrankenStain pickups produce a strong and solid tone, with thunderous low end that roars like a mob of angry villagers.

Each FrankenStain pickup feature tightly overwound polyurethane copper coils with extremely powerful neodymium rare earth magnets and large bolt poles that help make the pickups stand out visually. The rare earth neodymium magnets and tightly overwound polyurethane insulated copper coils create a thick, heavy and deep tone that quakes and rumbles, although they are still capable of producing glassy high end tones and strong and tight mids.

The BSNW FrankenStain bridge pickup for PJ style bass guitars generate an output of 10,200 Ohms, and the neck pickup generates an output of 10,000 Ohms. The simple, quick and easy drop in design make the BSNW FrankenStain Bass Guitar Pickups a great way to help upgrade the favorite weapon in your arsenal!

PRICE: $149.00 Each