Chase Stain is an American born musician, singer, songwriter, producer, recording engineer, writer, promoter, and business owner that is best known as the bassist and co-frontman of the former underground punk band, Numbers On Napkins, as well as the founder and president of the independent punk rock record label, Bad Stain Records.

In addition to performing with Numbers On Napkins, Stain was also the bassist for the Screamo / Metal / Post Hardcore band, Forever Falling, the bassist and co-frontman of the pop punk group, Yars Revenge, and the bassist, guitarist, and primary frontman for the punk rock band, Dirty Laundry.

Stain also performs as a solo artist, and has released five EP’s and one full length album. Stain has always written the majority of the music and lyrics for all of his bands, with the exception of Forever Falling, where he only wrote the bass lines for each of the bands songs, and Yars Revenge, where Stain wrote about 35% of the songs.

Chase Stain has produced over a dozen albums for a variety of bands, including Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, and Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers. Stain has also produced albums that were released by his other bands, and has produced all of his solo albums. He has also engineered and mixed dozens of albums as well. Stain started working as an assistant engineer at AAA Audio, where he worked under Head Engineer, Jason Coleman, who trained him in the art of digital recording and mixing using the industry standard recording software, Pro Tools. During his time at AAA Audio, Stain recorded assorted bands in a wide variety of genres, but mostly Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative, Metal, and Punk. Thanks to his training at AAA Audio, Stain later worked as Head Engineer at The Weasel Hut, where he taught himself how to use Sonar Cakewalk, and recorded and mixed bands using that software instead of Pro Tools.

Stain has also written several articles and columns for many different independent publications such as Punk Planet, The Punk Rock Tribune, A.I.M. Magazine (Arizona Independent Music) Magazine, Soundwave, VyZine, Maximum Rock N’ Roll, Talespin, R.A.M. (Recording Artists Magazine), Unspeakable Thoughts Fanzine, Bad Stain Fanzine, and several others. Stain was also the Editor of Unspeakable Thoughts Fanzine, and the Co-Editor of Bad Stain Fanzine, and worked as a critic, reviewing albums for both publications. Stain has also interviewed dozens of bands, musicians, and recording artists for both Unspeakable Thoughts Fanzine and Bad Stain Fanzine. Some of the artists that Stain has interviewed include At The Drive In, Rancid, Guttermouth, Less Than Jake, Link 80, Bayside, Plain White T’s, Toys That Kill, Groovie Ghoulies, Teenage Bottle Rocket, The Hard Ons, The Independents, Yellowcard, The Queers, Against All Authority, The Grabbers, New Found Glory, VooDoo Glow Skulls, Good Riddance, Youth Brigade, Nerf Herder, Thrice, FYP, and Me First and The Gimme Gimme’s.

Chase Stain has always been a strong supporter of the local music scene in Arizona, and in 1997 he started Laundromat Productions as a way to help support the local musicians. Laundromat Productions is a booking agency that Stain owns and operates with help from his friends and bandmates. The Booking Agency has held various events, live shows, and concerts at various venue’s and bars across the state. Laundromat Productions was most active between 2002 and 2010, thanks to the support that Stain received from Moe Money, Tad Gurthman, Matt Martini, Jason Coleman, and Johnny Laundromat. Laundromat Productions booked shows for several National artists like Yellowcard, Plain White T’s, The Kinison, Bayside, Guttermouth, Authority Zero, and more! Stain used Laundromat Productions to help put together The Arizona Ska Punk Awards, an annual awards ceremony that honored local indie artists and featured live performances from 20 bands, as well as various figures and staples from the Arizona music scene, handing out awards to winners and appearing as special guests. The Awards started in 2004, although Stain made the decision to end the annual event in 2010, as he was fearful that the competitive nature of the awards was starting to divide the scene and doing more harm than good.

In addition to owning Laundromat Productions, Stain is also the President and founder of Bad Stain Records, a small indie label located in Phoenix, Arizona. Stain started the label in 1995, and it has released over 50 albums from various bands since its conception. Bad Stain Records has become home to several local bands, as well as bands from across the country, from California to New York, and even across the world, from Canada to the Ukraine!


Chase Stain Uses the Following Equipment


- Fender Jaguar

- Fender Stratocaster

- Gibson SG

- Bad Stain Memphis Banshee

- Bad Stain Lipstick Stain Les Paul

- Bad Stain Tempe

- Bad Stain Hypersonic Corvette


- Martin GPCXAE


- Fender Jaguar Bass

- Fender Bullet Bass

- Fender Mustang Bass

- Bad Stain Prescott Bass


- Bad Stain Kingman 100-Watt

Guitar Amplifier Powered with Hot Tubes Technology by Electro-Harmonix

- Marshall JCM 2000 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier

- Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier

- Hartke HA 3500 Bass Head


- Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer

- Korg Triton Keyboard


- Electro-Harmonix:

The Holy Stain / Big Muff Pi / Ripped Speaker / Holy Grail Nano / Hot Tubes / Bad Stone / Frequency Analyzer / Small Clone / Bass Big Muff Pi / Bass Metaphors / Flanger Hoax / Bass Micro Synthesizer / Stereo Electric Mistress / Worm / Cock Fight / Octavix / Stereo Talking Machine / B9 / C9 / Key9 / Mel9 / Micro Synthesizer / Octave Multiplexer / Pitch Fork / Ravish / Synth9 / String 9 / V256 / Voice Box / Mainframe


- Jim Dunlop Nylon with Grip


- DR Bass and Guitar Strings