Midnite Velvette

You're fucking crazieie

Digital Release


1. i'm sorry i stepped on ur dog...

2. u make my head hurt!

3. sorry pale .wav (es) - interlude

4. why are there so many spiders in here (i fixed it)

5. leave me alone with my xylophone - interlude

6.stupid f***ing kinnie

The debut release from this Phoenix based hyper-pop / glitchcore band. Midnite Velvette creates their unique style of experimental electronica music as therapy for several traumatic events that has effected them in their youth. "you're fucking crazieie" is a digital release only, and Bad Stain did not press any physical copies of the EP. Stream or download the album at Spotify, YouTube, I-Tunes, or any site that you prefer to use.