Numbers On Napkins

NON Essentials: The Best of Numbers On Napkins



1. Forget This, I'm Going to Tokyo

2. Runaway

3. Go Away

4. Baby Got Back*

5. Summer Daze

6. Ten Years Ago Today

7. Fat Girls

8. The Poor Misfortune of a Dimwitted Lemming

9. My Girlfriend Bit My Dick Off

10. Ode to the Drink

11. Burnin' Bridges

12. Liquor Taco

13. Quit yer Job and Become a Rockstar

14. I'm Wanting Heather Lesser More

15. Kiss Me Deadly*

16. Burpin' Our Way to New Mexico

17. Another Song MRR Won't Like

18. True Love

19. Politics As Usual

20. Damaged Goods

21. Boobies

22. Knockin' on my Door

23. Broken

24. Bad Decisions

25. Summer Daze (Live and Acoustic)

​26. The Last Song

The final release from the pop punk party band, Numbers On Napkins. NON Essentials features all of the fan favorites, including "Forget This I'm Going to Tokyo", "Ode to the Drink", "Runaway", "Go Away", "Ten Years Ago Today", "Summer Daze", and the cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back". The album also contains 3 bonus tracks, including a cover of the popular 80's hit, "Kiss Me Deadly" and a live, acoustic version of NoN's popular single, "Summer Daze". This is a must have for any NoN fan!