Dirty Laundry

Harmonies from the Hamper

3 Disc Box Set

Harmonies from the Hamper features a collection of over three hours of music including the full length albums, SONGS TO WASH CLOTHES TO and TALES FROM THE LAUNDRY ROOM, as well as the extremely rare live album, JIZ MAC ATTACK IN THE BUTT-CRACK....also includes the NINE AND A HALF MONTHS and ALL WASHED UP E.P.’s, plus the RE-ELECT NIXON and SONGS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON seven inch records. In addition, this collectable box set features rare tracks that were previously only available on assorted compilations and tribute albums, plus rare demo recordings, and previously unreleased material. Plus, Harmonies from the Hamper contains “Tales from The Laundromat” - The Official Biography of Dirty Laundry, telling the story of how the original members met and how Dirty Laundry spent nearly a decade in the underground music scene....and it also contains “Nine and a Half Years” - A Detailed Booklet of the Entire Dirty Laundry Discography, with various information about each of their albums, and, “Meet Your Laundry Care Professional” - A Brochure Style List of the Various Members that Performed in the Band from its Conception in 1993 until its Demise in well as “The Official Punk Rock Guide On How To Properly Care For And Thoroughly Clean Dirty Laundry Using Low Cost And Efficient Time Saving Tips And Techniques - Instruction Manual” - A Complete Collection of Dirty Laundry Lyrics for Every Song in Their Entire Catalog. In the true classic Dirty Laundry style, Harmonies from the Hamper is a limited edition release, and only 2,000 copies will be pressed.



1. Intro

2. Confused

3. Scumbag

4. She’s My Man

5. Amazing Grace *

6. She Said

7. C is for Cookie

8. Resolutions

9. Yesterday *

10. Hasshole

11. Sundays

12. Interlude

13. Blood and Roses *

14. I Caught Santa Claus Fucking My Dog

15. Christmas Eve on the Drunken Sea

16. The Night Before Christmas in South Phoenix

17. The Night Santa got a D.U.I.

18. Stuffing my Stocking with a Lump of Coal

19. Lucky Dog

20. Sick of You

21. Slinky

22. I Hired Boba Fett to Kill my Girlfriends Sisters Boyfriend

23. Incendiary

24. Telemarketing Part One

25. Telemarketing Part Two

26. Teenager in Heat *

27. Showdown *

28. Louie Louie *

29. Cara’s Sitting in the Corner

30. Gat

31. F.M.V.

32. Coral Found Someone New

33. Incomplete

34. Fucked Up *

35. Cara’s Sitting in the Corner (Original Version)


1. I Hired Boba Fett to Kill my Girlfriends Sisters Boyfriend (Valley of the Spun Mix)

2. Slinky (Valley of the Spun Mix)

3. Stalker

4. Friday Night

5. Dirty Laundry

6. Stranded

7. Tales from the Laundry Room

8. Hollow Person

9. School Parking Lot

10. I Like Blue Eyes

11. Disagreement

12. Little Followers

13. Politically Incorrect

14. Roach

15. On the Run

16. Jimmy Jerkin’ Kirk

17. Punk

18. God Bless America

19. Labrat

20. Heathcliff Theme Song *

21. Disagreement (Original Mix)

22. Death Metal Song

23. I Remember

24. Baby Got Back *

25. The Birthday Song

26. I Don’t Care if You’re a Homosexual, Just as Long as You Don’t Fuck Me Up the Butt

27. Jingle Bells (Live) *

28. Hepatitis in the U.K.


1. One Mistake

2. Fuck Moon Valley

3. Punk Rock Stud

4. Hollow Person (Original Version)

5. Roach (Original Version)

6. God Bless America (Original Version)

7. Fuck Moon Valley (Demo)

8. Punk Rock Stud (Demo)

9. Where No Band Has Gone Before

10. Headtrip * / Together on the Sand *

11. Asshole *

12. The Birthday Song (Live)

13. Disagreement (Live)

14. Hollow Person (Live)

15. Fuck Moon Valley (Live)

16. Death Metal Song (Live)

17. I Like Blue Eyes (Live)

18. Fucked Up (Live) *

19. School Parking Lot (Live)

20. One Mistake (Live)

21. I Remember (Live)

22. Dirty Laundry (Live)

23. Roach (Live)

24. Hepatitis in the U.K. (Live)


- Three CD's - featuring over 85 tracks and over 3 hours of music. Includes all of the songs from every release from the band, as well as rare tracks, demo recordings, and previously unreleased material!

- Tales from the Laundry Room: The Official Biography of Dirty Laundry - A forty page biography of the band written by Chase Stain, featuring band photo's, pictures of old concert flyers, and more.

- 9 1/2 Years - A discography booklet with complete information about all of the bands releases over the span of the bands career.

- Meet The Laundry Care Professionals - A detailed booklet with information about every band member throughout the history of the band.

- The Official Punk Rock Guide on How to Properly Care for and Thoroughly Clean Dirty Laundry Using Low Cost and Efficient Time Saving Tips and Techniques - A booklet containing song lyrics for every track from the band.

- Album Insert - An insert that includes the track listing for each CD, song credits, album credits, recording and producing credits.

- Posters - Full color promotional posters for Dirty Laundry's debut release, the 9 1/2 Months EP, as well as the bands final release, the Harmonies from the Hamper Box Set.

- Stickers - A small black and white vinyl Dirty Laundry sticker, a red, white and black vinyl Dirty Laundry sticker, assorted blue and white Dirty Laundry stickers, and assorted Bad Stain Records stickers.