1. I Never Should Have Slept with My Brother

2. Riot Girls Gone Wild (Featuring Rose Sunshine)

3. Online Dating for Suckers

4. I’m Pretty. Buy Me Stuff.

5. Great, the dog pooped on the USA

6. Gay Pirate Cowboy Knife Fight Thursdays


7. Insomnia (Featuring Violet Starlight)

8. Sisters (Featuring Rose Sunshine and Lilly Starlight)

9. Tick Tock Tick

10. Altered Sight

11. Facist Beef Jerky

12. Cuervo, Salt, Lime. Repeate.

13. Another Dead Redneck


Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys

Brand New Start

Ten Inch Record

“Brand New Start” is the debut release from Daisy Moonshine and the City Boys, and is the first release after the dissolution of Daisy Moonshine’s previous project, Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers. “Brand New Start” features 13 tracks that showcase the bands unique style, that blends a mixture of punk rock, thrash, hardcore and metal, with Irish folk, rockabilly, and anti-folk. The record is a limited edition pressing of just 2,000 copies, with the first 500 copies on clear blue vinyl, the second 500 copies on clear green vinyl, and the remaining 1,000 copies on black vinyl. DM And TCB chose to include guest vocals from Daisy’s sister, Rose Sunshine, as well as her cousins, Violet and Lilly Starlight, on the new ten inch vinyl record, and Canyon Wells produced, engineered, and mixed the album at Echo Canyon Studios in El Paso, Texas.