Daisy Moonshine and
her Redneck Brothers

Perform Their Favorite Punk Songs

Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers perform their favorite songs from the bands that helped to inspire and influence them with their sophomore release, “Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers Perform Their favorite Punk Rock Songs”. The album includes 15 tracks, originally written and performed by artists like Operation Ivy, Minor Threat, Screeching Weasel, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Vandals, and more! Although they didn’t do it alone, and enlisted several of their friends to help them with the record, including Johnny Laundromat, Jen Soren, Jason Martinez, Rose Sunshine, Chase Stain, and more! This album is a special collector’s edition CD with a limited press run of just 2,500 copies, and is not available for streaming or to download.


1. Linoleum (NOFX) “Featuring Candy Cocaine”

2. Pat Brown (The Vandals) “Featuring Amber Swift and Johnny Laundromat”

3. Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedy’s) “Featuring Johnny Laundromat”

4. Do What You Want (Bad Religion) “Featuring Jen Soren”

5. On the Outside (No Use For A Name) “Featuring Chase Stain”

6. I Don’t Wanna Hear It (Minor Threat) “Featuring Jason Martinez”

7. Debra Jean (The Queers) “Featuring Jen Soren”

8. Loosen Up the Rope (Subject Mad) “Featuring Justin Bleach and Johnny Laundromat”

9. Beer Goggles (Lagwagon) “Featuring Chase Stain”

10. Chicken Stand (Guttermouth) “Featuring Skag Rank Meat”

11. Fuck the Border (Propagandhi) “Featuring Wes Syde”

12. I Hired Boba Fett to Kill My Sisters Skank Ass Roomate (Dirty Laundry) “Featuring Chase Stain”

13. Skulls (The Misfits) “Featuring Jason Martinez”

14. The Crowd (Operation Ivy) “Featuring Rose Sunshine and Chase Stain”

15. Anthem for a New Tomorrow (Screeching Weasel) “Featuring Rose Sunshine and Johnny Laundromat”