Numbers On Napkins

From Buckeye To Beardsley

The long awaited and highly anticipated third full length from NON, and their first release in over seven years! After spending nearly five years on hiatus, NON returns to the scene with their new album, “From Buckeye To Beardsley”, that features an assortment of songs spanning the history of the band. The album contains ten newly recorded tracks, including the fan favorite, “Summer Daze”, and their popular cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s #1 hit, “Baby Got Back”! Plus, a newly recorded punk rock version of their Irish Folk song, “Ode to the Drink”, and the original darker version of their pop punk classic, “Broken”. In addition, the album includes previously unreleased live recordings, and four tracks from their out of print, “QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder” EP.


1. Summer Daze

2. Precious Cargo

3. Damaged Goods

4. Runaway (Live)

5. I’m Wanting Heather Lesser More

6. Ode to the Drink

7. Another Song MRR Won’t Like (Live)

8. Baby Got Back

9. The Poor Misfortune of a Dimwitted Lemming

10. Knockin’ on my Door (Live)

11. My Girlfriend Bit My Dick Off

12. Mario Gurth Dub

13. Broken

14. Burpin’ Our Way to New Mexico

15. Stop, Calm

16. True Love (Live)

17. Waiting for Tomorrow

18. A Modern Day Andrei Chikatilo

19. Trapped Like a Rat* (Live)

20. The Last Song