SIDE A: Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners

1. Dank

2. Major Dickwad

3. Shit Eating Cocksucker Part One

4. Shit Eating Cocksucker Part Two

5. Hooked On Chronic Worked For Me

6. I Play Sims Not Tragedies

SIDE B: 946 West

1. Shredder

2. Isn't This Fantastic?

3. Another Case of Punk Rock

4. On The Edge

5. Three Strikes of Lightning

6. Corrupt in America

7. Domestic Disturbance


Johnny Laundromat and
The Drycleaners / 946 West

Split Ten Inch Record

This ten inch split release has a limited press run of 2,000 copies with the first 500 copies on white vinyl and second 500 copies on clear. Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, play raw punk rock, pop punk, and an acoustic punk track. Featuring guest vocals from Daisy Moonshine, guest bass guitar by Justin Bleach, and guest vocals and guitar by Chase Stain. Engineered by Chris Inham at The Distortion Factory and Produced by Chase Stain. 946 West from New York introduces seven tracks of hardcore thrash punk. Distorted beefy bass lines, metal influenced solo's, crunchy guitar riffs, and tight and solid drums. Engineered and mixed by Brent Hauser at Starlight Studios and produced by Brent Hauser and 946 West.