Chase Stain


Bad Stain Records President and Co-Frontman of the punk influenced band, Numbers On Napkins, presents the third installment of his collectible “Month” series EP CD’s, titled “March”. The EP featured four original tracks, as well as a cover of the song, “Bye for Now”, originally performed by Lagwagon. “March” was the fastest selling release from Stain’s “Month” series, probably due to the fact that the songs “Romantic Comedy” and “March” were both played regularly on several online and college radio stations. The EP had a limited edition pressing of just 500 copies, and is currently out of print. However, all five tracks are available on Chase Stain’s full length album, “The First Quarter: January, February and March”.


1. Romantic Comedy

2. March

3. Dinner and a Movie

4. I Think I'm Falling for Shannah McClure

5. Bye for Now*