Wrong Perfection

Bad Stain Records proudly presents the debut album, “Wrong Perfection”, from Ukraine Punkers, Doping. Doping plays straight up punk rock in its raw and timeless form, and sings in both their native Russian tongue, as well as in English. “Wrong Perfection” includes the fan favorites, “Mentality of Greed”, All the Same”, and of course their popular single, “Superpunk”, which was put into regular rotation on over 30 college and online radio stations. Doping sings about al types of stuff, ranging from the girl that got away, and corruption within the government and political views, and some other crap we can't understand because we don't speak Russian. This album is perfect for anyone who loves bands like Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Minor Threat or Dead Kennedy's. An instant classic!


1. All The Same

2. 4ac Nokaxe

3. Not That Way

4. Cnopt

5. Ce3oH

6. Macoba 6pexHA

7. Nothing More

8. Mentality of Greed

9. Fall Inside

10. He3HaIo

11. Superpunk

12. A