Mr. Plow

The Little Red Book of Chairman Plow

The much anticipated fourth album featuring over a dozen new songs recorded by the most offensive Anti-Folk Punk Rocker to come out of Canada! It’s the one and only, Mr. Plow! Plow’s latest release also features remixed versions of his most popular fan favorites including, “Bi Polar Bear”, “Donkey”, “Geeks” and “Rock Star!” Plus, “The Little Red Book of Chairman Plow” also includes the theme from the upcoming animated series IFC! Plow doesn't do it all alone though. This time around Plow has chosen a huge list of buddies to join him in his musical journey, including John Tard, Four Finger's McGee, Huey McGraw, Cletus Strawback, The Underprivileged Orchestra and more!


1. MSN

2. Emo

3. Ted McGinley

4. Baggage

5. 1-900-FUCK-YOU

6. Skinhead's

7. Intermission

8. Anything for a Buck

9. You got to go

10. Theme from IFC (Plow Version)

11. Bi Polar Bear (Zoloft Remix)

12. Donkey (Yee Hawing Remix)

13. Geeks (Role Playing Remix)

14. Rock Star (Arena Rock Remix)