The History of the West Side Weasels DVD Features over 2 hours of video footage that was captured over a 10 year span of the West Side Weasels history. Crudely filmed and edited, this DVD features The West Side Weasel Crew partying and having fun, as the group of good friends torture each other in various ways. After a group of teenage punks started hanging out together when they were all in high school, people started referring to the group as The West Side Weasels. In the underground punk rock scene of Phoenix, Arizona, The West Side Weasels would be out every night at different bars, venues, nightclubs, parties, underground establishments, or anywhere they could have a good time. This DVD captures many adventures, with footage of the Weasels pranking and flouring passed out friends, wrecking homes, and destroying just about anything they can get their hands on. Join the WSW boys as they cause havoc from the mean streets of Phoenix, to the wild beaches of San Diego, and travel with the Crew to Halloween parties, house parties, and parties at the Drunken Workshop! Produced and Edited by Chase Stain, and filmed by the entire West Side Weasel Crew, this DVD was originally a Christmas gift for all of the Weasels from Bad Stain Records, and is now available for YOU and your entire CREW of friends. You'll laugh, You'll Cry, and then you'll ponder......why did I waste my cash on this?


The History of the West Side Weasels