Chase Stain


6 songs written, produced, and performed by Numbers On Napkins Co-Frontman and Bad Stain Records President, Chase Stain. “February” is the second installment in Stain's “Month” series of limited edition EP’s. The album Features guest musicians Moe Money and Tad Gurthman (from Numbers On Napkins), as well as Troy “Yort” Bueno, Tom Lynch, and J-Sin Daily (formerly of Dirty Laundry)! Includes the songs “Rose Red”, “Miss Lead”, and “The Jen Gornick Infatuation”, and also features the original pre-production recording of the song, “True Love”, that Stain’s band Numbers On Napkins ended up recording. The EP also features the title track, “February”, which was the first song Stain ever recorded way back in 1993. This EP was limited to only 500 copies, and is currently out of print, but all of the tracks are available on Stain’s full length album, “The First Quarter - January, February, and March”.


1. Rose Red

2. The Jen Gornick Infatuation

3. Miss Lead

4. True Love

5. Old Fashioned Punk

6. February