Numbers On Napkins

Waiting for Tomorrow

Fifteen Year Anniversary Deluxe

Collector's Edition Re-Issue

Fifteen years after releasing their debut full length album, “Waiting for Tomorrow”, NON and Bad Stain have joined forces to release this special deluxe edition re-issue of the CD, featuring a dozen bonus tracks that fans are sure to love! The album contain all ten of the original tracks released on “Waiting for Tomorrow”, with live recordings and demo tracks of fan favorites like, “Runaway”, “True Love” and “Broken”. Plus, the CD also contains two tracks from the limited edition and out-of-print EP, “QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder”. In addition, NON included previously unreleased material, including the melodic and catchy pop punk tune, “Telephone”, and a new punk rock version of “Fat Girls”.


1. Runaway

2. Feelin’ Down

3. Broken

4. One for the Seventh

5. 42 Things you don’t know about women

6. Boobies

7. Burning Bridges

8. True Love

9. Quit yer job and Become a Rockstar

10. Fat Girls


11. Knockin‘ On My Door

12. Another Song MRR Won’t Like

13. Ode to the Drink (Live)

14. The Poor Misfortune of a Dimwitted Lemming (Live)

15. Telephone

16. Runaway (Demo)

17. Broken (Demo)

18. One for the Seventh / 42 Things You Don’t Know About Women (Demo)

19. True Love (Demo)

20. Waiting for Tomorrow (Demo)

21. Fat Girls “ThickerFattenLarderHeffer”

22. Ode To The Drink (LIve and Acoustic)