Seven Inch Record


All Mouth No Trousers

Songs Too Wussy For The Fried

Green Tomatoes Soundtrack

Six songs of melodic tunes full of angst from this female fronted aggressive and political punk rock in the vein of propagandhi and I Spy. AMNT drummer, Josh Anomoly, went on to form and front United Magnetics, where he switched his role from the skins to guitarist and lead vocalist. First 300 copies of this record were pressed on grey vinyl, and the rest on black. This 7” was limited to 1,000 copies, and is now out of print. There are no plans to repress, especially since we don't have any copies left and lost the masters.



1. Ajizm

2. One More Minute

3. Stress


4. Trendy Feminist

5. Asexual Revolution Part 1

6. I Hate Girls