Various Artists

Punk til ya Poop

Punk til ya Poop was the second installment in Bad Stain’s popular “Punk til ya.....” series of compilations, and was also the most successful release in the series and the best selling record Bad Stain ever released. The album went on to sell 15,000 copies, making it the best selling release that Bad Stain ever had. The compilation featured 32 tracks from bands all over the U.S., and many of the tracks were rare or previously unreleased. The CD starts with screeching tires peeling out in the intro of “1,000 Miles” from Generiks, and ends with a crash from Hit and Run Jimmy. The meat in the poop sandwich consists of Less Than Jake, At The Drive In, Drain Bramaged, Subject Mad, Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth, All Mouth No Trousers, Swallow This, Link 80, Bickley, Welt, Potshot, Dirty Laundry, Mandingo, The Liverrotchies and more! Sorry....but this sucker has ben retired and is out of print and gone forever.


1. Generiks - 1,000 Miles

2. Bickley - Fuckwall

3. Fat Free - Stalker

4. Less Than Jake - Laverne and Shirley

5. Veteran Flashbax - Blue 42

6. Drain Bramaged - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

7. Subject Mad - Little Boy Blue

8. No Fraud - No Curfew

9. Potshot - Radio

10. Welt - Other Side

11. Dirty Laundry - Teenager in Heat

12. The Fonzarellies - Rock the Night Away

13. The Liverrotchies - Let Me Die

14. Link 80 - Verbal Kint

15. Swallow This - Democracy Hippocracy1

16. Mandingo - Loud and Cheap

17. Racecar Bob - Why Do You Care?

18. Smoketree - Zero to me

19. At The Drive In - Napoleon Solo

20. Adam's Alcoholic's - Excelsior

21. Pinned Down - Wake Up

22. Superstars of Professional Wrestling - Donna

23. Altercation - Expendable

24. All Mouth No Trousers - Ajism

25. Yellow Five - Barrier

26. Against All Odds - Played

27. Beezlebullies - Never Going Back

28. M8T - I Saw Your Mama

29. Swookumchuck - Sunshine

30. The Grubbies - Sunshine and Lollipops

31. Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth - Manic Monday

32. Hit and Run Jimmy - Cool Boys