Seven Inch Record


Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth

Party of Four

This limited edition pressing contains 4 songs all dedicated to the four loveliest ladies from the FOX Network in the late 1990’s. MRR called the release “Pure Genius” and Punk Planet said that the album was “Wonderfully Entertaining” and “thought the idea was great and the whole album made (them) laugh.” Unspeakable Thoughts called it “an original idea...creative and infectious”. Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth has been compared to bands ranging from Screeching Weasel to The Crumbs to The Queers. Bad Stain Records has released several albums from some amazing bands over the years, but Bad Stain President, Chase Stain, claims that this release was perhaps his favorite, because of the unique idea behind the record. Limited to 4,000 copies on Yellow Gold Vinyl, these are gone forever.



1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

2. Gillian Anderson (I wanna be with you)


3. Alyssa Milano won't go out with me

4. Neve