Various Artists

Punk til ya Puke

This compilation features 8 Bands performing 2-4 songs each and was the first installment in Bad Stain's “Punk Til Ya...” series of compilation albums. The CD includes 4 previously unreleased tracks from Racecar Bob (formerly known as Bad Stain Records Recording Artist, D-I-X, before they changed their name after finding several other bands performing under the same name), as well as 4 unreleased songs from The Liverrotchies, that featured Shane Addington on lead vocals and guitar, who has performed in bands such as Mandingo, Stereotyperider, The Desperate Hours and Fivespeed! The album also included Dirty Records Recording Artists The Twits and 206 Records Recording Artists Veteran Flashbax, as well as Bad Stain Records Recording Artists Dirty Laundry. Very few copies are left of this CD and when it sells out it will not be repressed.


1. Racecar Bob - Loody

2. Dirty Laundry - I Hired Boba Fett to Kill My Girlfriends Sisters Boyfriend

3. Mean People - Skookumchuck

4. The Twits - Represented

5. Veteran Flashbax - Up the System

6. The Liverrotchies - Sticky Situation

7. Little Green Men - Who Loves You Now

8. Racecar Bob - Five Duh's

9. Dirty Laundry - Slinky

10. Mean People - Heaven

11. The Twits - Liar

12. Veteran Flashbax - Propaganda

13. The Liverrotchies - Struggle

14. The Swimmies - George Harrison

15. Racecar Bob - Bystander Effect

16. Dirty Laundry - Sick of You

17. Mean People - Cellular Guy

18. The Twits - Take it Away

19. Veteran Flashbax - Beaten Path

20. The Liverrotchies - Evil People

21. Little Green Men - It's Over

22. Racecar Bob - Patriots War

23. Dirty Laundry - Incendiary

24. Mean People - Not Where it's at

25. The Twits - Stand Together

26. Veteran Flashbax - Sheep

27. The Liverrotchies - Birth, School, Work, Death

28. The Swimmies - Here Comes My Magnet