Dirty Laundry

Songs To Wash Clothes To

“Harmonies from the Hamper” is the second full length from Dirty Laundry, and it also ended up being the final full length that the band ever released. It was also the only album that featured Tokyo Bill on guitars. The album displayed a musical style change, and featured lot more hardcore punk songs in the vein of F.Y.P and Straight Faced. The album also included the lead vocalist of Sorrower and E.T.T.S. on back-up vocals for their version of Louie Louie. Critics highly praised the album, although many fans opposed the departure of Brandon “B-Hound” Jamison. The album sold 3,000 copies and is currently out of print. Dirty Laundry included all ten tracks from the album on their box set, “Harmonies from the Hamper - The Complete History of Dirty Laundry”, Released on 1/2/2021.


1. Lucky Dog

2. Sick of You

3. Slinky

4. I hired Boba Fett to kill my girlfriends sisters boyfriend

5. Incendiary

6. Telemarketing Part One

7. Telemarketing Part Two

8. Teenager in Heat*

9. Showdown* (Live in 97)

10. Louie Louie*