Seven Inch Record


Various Artists

The Mongolian Wild Turkey Baby Back Rib And Cheesy, But Yet Oh-So Spicy Stuffed Jalapeno Homemade Chili And Waffle Cookout And Square Dancing Barbeque Finals Volume #3

After the success of releasing Bad Stain’s first vinyl record compilation, Bad Stain Records decided to release another compilation seven inch record. The label was still trying to put together its first CD compilation, and delays kept halting the CD from going to press. Bad Stain President, Chase Stain, chose to once again release a seven inch record compilation to keep all of the bands and record labels involved in the project happy. Stain chose to include The Nimrods, Wavepool, Beezle Bulies, Scratch N’ Sniff, Headcramp, and Red #9 on the compilation record.



1. Red #9 “Twelve”

2. Wavepool “Midget”

3. Headcramp “Moron”


1. The Nimrods “Sick of You”

2. Scratch N' Sniff “Dolly is a Dopehead”

3. Beezle Bullies “Incarceration”