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The Mongolian Wild Turney Baby Back Rib And Cheesy, But Yet Oh-So Spicy Stuffed Jalapeno Homemade Chili And Waffle Cookout And Square Dancing Barbeque Finals

Bad Stain Records very first compilation, featuring the first four bands to sign to the label. All four bands were comprised mostly of students from Moon Valley High School, and Bad Stain President, Chase Stain had been friends with some band members for several years. In addition, each band was related to Chase Stain’s band, Dirty Laundry, in some way. Stain hoped that the compilation would help to promote the bands on the label, and increase album sales. The plan worked very well, and fans of each of the bands started to enjoy listening to the other bands on the label. Soon, it seemed as though Bad Stain Records had a fan base of its own, with customers purchasing every release from the label, as soon as it came out.


1. Dirty Laundry - Disagreement

2. Corrupt Citizen - Strange Kid

3. D-I-X - Non Compos Mentis

4. Subject Mad - Commercials, and why I hate them

5. Dirty Laundry - I Remember

6. Corrupt Citizen - Talk is Cheap

7. D-I-X - Wingnut

8. Subject Mad - Snottsdale

9. Dirty Laundry - Fuck Moon Valley

10. Corrupt Citizen - 1.21 Jigawatts

11. D-I-X - Skankin’

12. Subject Mad - Loosen Up The Rope

13. Dirty Laundry - Heathcliff

14. Corrupt Citizen - Ill Mariachie

15. D-I-X - Senior Citizen’s Discount

16. Subject Mad - Little Boy Blue