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Corrupt Citizen

Phat As Phuck

Corrupt Citizen formed in 1994, and featured former Dirty Laundry drummer, Charles Duffy. When Duffy left Dirty Laundry to focus on Corrupt Citizen full time, Chase Stain vowed to help out the band in any way he could to thank Duffy. After Bad Stain Records signed their second band, D.I.X. (that featured former Dirty Laundry guitarist “Jones” Woodruff), Chase Stain knew right away that he wanted to sign Corrupt Citizen. Stain signed the band to Bad Stain Records and sent them directly to the studio to record their debut album. When Corrupt Citizen released their debut album, “Phat as Phuck”, on Bad Stain Records in 1996, critics and fans alike praised the album and it didn’t take long for the band to cause a stir in the underground scene. In 1998, Corrupt Citizen left Bad Stain and signed with Sunset Alliance Records and released their follow up to “Phat as Phuck”, titled “Uninvited”. Less than a year later, the band parted ways.


1. Dying

2. Talk is Cheap

3. So Much More

4. 1.21 Jigawatts

5. P.I.

6. Strange Kid

7. In Thought

8. You’re Scared

9. Ill Mariachie