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Dirty Laundry

Tales from the Laundry Room

“Tales for the Laundry Room” was the first full length release from Dirty Laundry, and it ended up becoming the most successful album that the band ever released. The CD sold very well, especially in spots like Japan and Germany for some reason, despite Dirty Laundry ever performing a single song overseas. The album included 16 songs that probably captured Dirty Laundry at its peak. Sound samples between songs also made this their longest album to date. “Tales from the Laundry Room is currently out of print and no longer available. The album went on to sell 7,000 copies. All 16 tracks are included on Dirty Laundry’s Box Set, titled ”Harmonies from the Hamper - The Complete History of Dirty Laundry”. The Collector’s Box Set has a limited edition pressing of just 2,000 copies.


1. Dirty Laundry

2. Stranded

3. Tales from the Laundry Room

4. Hollow Person

5. School Parking Lot

6. I Like Blue Eyes

7. Disagreement

8. Little Followers

9. Politically Incorrect

10. Roach

11. On the Run

12. Jimmy Jerkin' Kirk (Star Trek Rap)

13. Punk

14. God Bless America

15. Labrat

16. Heathcliff Theme Song*