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Non Compos Mentis

The debut release from the second band to sign with Bad Stain Records. D-I-X featured former Dirty Laundry Guitarist Jon “Jones” Woodruff, who went on to play with the surf punk horror band, The Route 66 Killers, from 2005 until 2010. The first edition Cassette had an alternate cover and was limited to 250 copies. D-I-X eventually changed their name to Racecar Bob in 1997, due to legal threats from numerous other bands with the same name. After D-I-X (Racecar Bob) called it quits in 1999, Bassist Rynn Stolworthy, and Tom and Joe Platt went on form a new band called Helen's Wheels from 2006 until 2009. In 2007, the members of D-I-X took the stage for the first time since 1998 and performed a special reunion show for hundreds of fans at The Bad Stain Records 12th Anniversary Party at Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix, Arizona. Non Compos Mentis was a huge success for the label and went on to sell 3,000 copies. The album is currently out of print and no longer available.


1. Wingnut

2. Senior Citizens Discount

3. D-I-X

4. Short Song

5. Mr. President

6. Desperate

7. Non Compos Mentis

8. Butt Full of Sand

9. Skank 'n'

10. What you Want

11. Why do you Care?