CD / Cassette


Dirty Laundry

All Washed Up

The second release from these punks who love to hate punk rock. Bad Stain first pressed this E.P. in 1995 and it became the second release on the label. This album shows how much Dirty Laundry had grown musically , but it still had a very comical vibe. It was also the first album with drummer Ryan Hamilton, who later became the drummer for Sandpaper Love. The CD went on to sell 3,000 copies, and is currently out of print. All seven tracks are available on “Harmonies from the Hamper - The Complete History of Dirty Laundry” limited edition collector’s Box Set, released in early 2021.


1. Disagreement

2. Death Metal Song

3. I Remember

4. Baby Got Back*

5. The Birthday Song

6. I Don’t Care if You’re a Homosexual, Just as Long as You Don’t Try and Fuck Me Up the Butt

7. Jingle Bells* (Live)