Black Gold Bass Guitar Pickups

Just like the BSNW White Gold Pickups for Precision style bass guitars, the BSNW Black Gold Bass Guitar Pickups have a unique style and distinct tone that are a perfect addition to any Jazz style bass guitar.

BSNW Black Gold pickups produce a strong and solid tone, with a powerful low end that creates a rumble like an earthquake. Each Black Gold pickup features ceramic magnets with gold accented poles, giving them an eye catching style unlike most other pickups.

The gold accented poles help disrupt the magnetic field, producing a slight modulating effect that is like the roar of thunder, creating a sound and tone unlike any other pickup that is distinct and unique.

The ceramic magnets and tightly wound copper coils create a thick, heavy and beefy tone that rattles and rumbles, although they are still capable of producing vibrant high end tones and tight mids.

BSNW Black Gold pickups are specifically designed for players who are slapping or using their finger, and are not recommended for pick playing.

The BSNW Black Gold bridge pickup generates an output of 9.8k, and the neck pickup produces an output of 8.9k. The easy drop in design makes the BSNW Black Gold Bass Guitar Pickups a perfect weapon to add to your arsenal!

PRICE: $59.00 Each / $99.00 Set