Banshee Humbucking Pickups

The BSNW Banshee Humbucking Pickups is full of rich warm tones, but has the capability of hitting shrill sounding tones that scream with a fiery high end.

The Banshee has tightly wound polyurethane coated copper wire coils to maximize output, and features alnico six bar magnets to give it a classic sound that works well with most hollow body guitars. The hex key style pole pieces are capable of being adjusted to help the player determine the best positioning in order to achieve the sound that they are craving at the moment.

The bridge pickup generates an output of 12,400 Ohms, and the neck pickup produces an output of 8,000k Ohms. The simple, quick and easy drop in design makes the BSNW Banshee Humbucking Pickups a great way to help upgrade the favorite weapon in your arsenal!

PRICE: $107.00 Each / $196.00 per Set