ARTIST: Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth

YEARS ACTIVE: 1994 - 1999

HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, California



Mike Kaelin Bass (1994 - 1999)

Ted Angel Vocals / Guitar (1994 - 1999)

Jon Elliot Vocals / Drums (1994 - 1999)





Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth started back in 1994, when friends Ted Angel and Jon Elliot decided to start a pop punk band they hoped would follow in the footsteps of their idols such as Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and Greenday. The duo searched long and hard for the perfect bassist, and finally found Mike Kaelin, who completed the lineup.

Vocalist and guitarist, Ted Angel started his own record label, Slap Happy Records, and signed Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth to the label and released the bands first EP in 1995. The EP had mediocre sales, although the band continued to move forward and re-entered the studio to record a full length album of the band.

Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth released their debut full length album in 1996, and set out on a month long tour to promote the release. The bands full length album did far better than their EP, and the band saw their following increase, and began getting offers to perform at popular events and festivals in California, and started opening up for various national touring acts.

In 1997, the band was included on a compilation album on Bad Stain Records. Being included on the compilation helped launch the bands career more than they had expected, and they saw their album sales greatly increase. After realizing the amount of exposure that they had gained from being on the compilation, Ted Angel contacted Bad Stain Records and asked the label if they would consider doing a split label release with Slap Happy Records, and release a seven inch vinyl record from Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth. Angel explained to Bad Stain that the record would have a very original theme, and that it would include four songs, and each song would be dedicated to a different female icon from a television show on the FOX Network.

Bad Stain Records president, Chase Stain, was intrigued by the idea, and after listening to Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth’s album, Bad Stain Records agreed to the split label release. In August of 1997, Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth released their limited edition seven inch record, “Party of Four”, which featured songs about Jennifer Love Hewitt, Neve Campbell, Alyssa Milano, and Gillian Anderson. The album had a limited press run of 4,000 copies on gold colored vinyl, and was an instant success.

Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth continued to tour and release albums on Slap Happy Records over the next two years, until the band eventually broke up in late 1999 for creative differences.