ARTIST: United Magnetics

YEARS ACTIVE: 1997 - 2001

HOMETOWN: New York, New York

ASSOCIATED ACTS: All Mouth No Trousers


Brown Bass / Vocals (1997 - 2001)

Davis Vocals / Guitar (1997 - 2001)

Custer Drums / Vocals (1997 - 2001)





United Magnetics had a powerful sound that was loved by fans and critics alike. Several underground publications praised the bands debut release on Bad Stain Records, and Tailspins Fanzine stated that United Magnetics had a style that sounded like “...Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker, mixed with overtones of No Use For A Name.”, and that the band played “truly inspiring music.”

The band formed in 1997, and spent the first year writing music before finally starting to perform live shows in 1998. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Josh “Anomoly” Davis, was also the drummer for the punk band, All Mouth No Trousers, and his double duty schedule kept him very busy. Despite the fact that both bands had a very different style, they would still perform live shows together, and slowly both bands started to share a good majority of the fan base.

In 1999, United Magnetics sent in their demo to Bad Stain Records for consideration, and within just a few months, the band had signed with the label and was scheduling dates to enter the studio in early 2000. United Magnetics chose to record their debut release with Don Fury, who was well known in the underground punk and hardcore scene. Fury had recorded albums for several popular independent acts, including Agnostic Front and Helmet, and the band felt as though he was the perfect fit to produce, engineer, and mix their album.

Later that year, Davis parted ways from All Mouth No Trousers, and put all of his focus into United Magnetics. The band entered the studio in early 2000 and spent the next few weeks recording their album. Once completed, Bad Stain started advertising the CD, and in November of 2000, the label released United Magnetics debut full length album, “Re-Inventing the Fifth Wheel”.

The album was loved by fans and critics alike, and the band embarked on a short tour to promote the album in 2001. After returning home, the band took what was supposed to be a short break, but sadly the members gradually frew apart and the band broke up.